About SimpleTire

SimpleTire is a B2B technology-enabled platform that connects all the participants in the tire industry to drive better consumer experience and improve efficiencies.  Manufacturers, distributors, tire installers, national retailers, clubs and fleets all engage on the SimpleTire platform to help deliver an improved experience to the online consumer - all the way from researching to buying to installing tires. 

Proprietary technology, actionable data insights and unique talent all relentlessly focus on reinventing tire replacement to make it "way simple, way better." The company's business model links tire manufacturers, tire distributors, national retailers, and 20,000+ installation partners across the country into one seamless e-commerce network, providing consumers access to an unparalleled inventory of tires from hundreds of brands and an all-in-one tire replacement experience. SimpleTire sells tires in all categories, including Passenger, Light truck, Commercial, Agriculture, OTR, Industrial, ATV, Antique, and various specialties. Three primary sales channels include: 

   1.    Direct to Consumer business led by our flagship site (simpletire.com), 

   2.    B2B channel servicing national retailers and clubs, and 

   3.    Fleets and special programs with installers and distributors

One of the fastest-growing companies in the tire industry, SimpleTire has been recognized as the best place to work for 2 years in a row. It is our commitment to creating an inclusive and highly collaborative work environment that facilitates the sharing of new ideas.  A special family-like culture that celebrates diversity and brings together experts in technology and the tire industry in an agile, fast-paced environment filled with innovation.  

SimpleTire partnered with Dealer Tire in 2018 and has grown more than 3x since then. SimpleTire currently operates as part of the Dealer Tire Family of Companies.

For more information, please visit http://www.simpletire.com.

There are no open positions at this time.